01.06.2018, written by vManager News.

New season schedule.

Hello everyone, the new season has been generated. We have 17 leagues for clubs and 5 leagues for national teams.

The calendar for all leagues was created and the first match is scheduled for June 4. Some leagues start on June 5th.

These are the leagues we have:

- England: Premier League and Championship
- Spain: La Liga
- Italy: Serie A
- Germany: Bundesliga
- France: Ligue 1
- Portugal: Primeira Liga and Segunda Liga
- Brazil: Primeira Divisão and Segunda Divisão
- Argentina: Primera Division
- Europe: 1.Europe League and 2.Europe League
- America: 1.America League and 2.America League
- Africa: Africa League
- Asia: Asia League

Nations League:
- 1.Nations League
- 2.Nations League
- 3.Nations League
- 4.Nations League
- 5.Nations League
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